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Data Axle Genie - Real-Time Sales Intelligence for Your CRM

Recognized as a leader in B2B data by Forrester, our proprietary data compilation practices and continual verification through the machine and human intelligence, ensures the best possible accuracy at every second. Attributes include industry, number of employees, sales volume, credit rating, contact title, business expense, payment methods as well as consumer demographic information such as age, marital status, home value, estimated income, hobbies and interests, and much more.

Data Axle's full offering of data (business, consumer, donor, and specialty data) can be leveraged by subscribers from our real-time platform and synced within other applications to feed acquisition, retention, intelligence, or development programs and initiatives.

Prospect on demand
● Find and prioritize high-quality leads
● Discover new contacts and decision makers
● Prospecting tools such as customer cloning tools, lead mapping, email addresses and new lead alerts

Integrated with Dynamics making prospecting more efficient
● Save time by adding leads directly into Dynamics whether it’s one record at a time or list
● Effortlessly perform ongoing data hygiene
● Easy set-up wizard

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