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Maplytics™ - Bing Maps Integration


Maplytics is a mapping solution offering Radius search, Routing, Heat Maps, Territory Management

Maplytics™ is one of the most comprehensive multi-language CfMD (Certified for Dynamics 365) mapping solution for Dynamics CRM users. The Geo-Analytical tool integrates Bing Maps with Dynamics CRM to provide detailed location-based analysis and routing capabilities. Maplytics supports all Dynamics CRM deployment models for Dynamics CRM 2011 and above as well as native Dynamics 365 App for Phones and Tablets.


  • Map CRM Data: Geocode, plot and color code Leads, Accounts, Opportunities or Custom Entities based on categories
  • Sales Territory Management: Geographically manage and align sales territories in Dynamics CRM, perform binary operations on the shapes, regions or territories plotted on the map
  • Overlay: : View the Dynamics CRM records along with shapes files and existing territories plotted
  • Auto Scheduling: Create an automated optimized schedule for multiple days to follow on the field. This includes the routes to follow each day based on the details entered by the user and option of creating activities for the same
  • Route Optimization: Optimize routes, find nearby records along the route and find nearby points of interest like Coffee Shops, Gas station, Restaurants, Parking, etc
  • Proximity Search:Search records based on a location within single/multiple radius or time.
  • Heat Map Visualization: Analyze the density of Dynamics CRM data on a map for powerful business insights through pie charts and column charts
  • Security template: System admin and Maplytics admin can provide selective access of Maplytics actions to the Maplytics users
  • Marketing Management: Create geographically targeted Marketing Lists for personalized and relevant promotions, marketing campaigns and events
  • Mass Actions: Perform actions like Adding to Route, Saving Data, Scheduling Appointments, Sending Emails and more for records plotted on a map
  • Summary Card: Get aggregated information for any enclosed area on the map for quick analysis
  • Customizable Pushpins & Tooltip Cards: Select the colors and pushpin shapes for various Entities for easy visual analysis. Call to action buttons on Tooltip cards for quick actions
  • Layer Menu/Download Map: Show/hide the layers plotted on the map to toggle between them and Download the map as image visible on screen
  • Cluster Map: Group the closely positioned pushpins into clusters. View cluster area on hover and spider cluster on a click
  • Mobility: Use native Dynamics 365 App for Phones and Tablets to get locational insights anytime anywhere