Invoice Capture for Dynamics 365 Finance

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First-party vendor invoice automation in Dynamics 365 Finance

Invoice capture automates the entire accounts payable (AP) invoice-to-pay process using AI and ML technologies called Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). With Invoice capture, employees can scan invoices as they arrive and OCR will extract critical data, match with purchase orders, identify exceptions and data errors, and update financial records. The employee can then quickly route the coded invoice for approval through workflows that follow rules based on invoice data and amount. Invoice capture delivers the following benefits: 

  • Spend control: Automated processing and better audit trails deliver more real-time visibility into spend and better reporting, which results in faster responses to time-sensitive vendor inquiries. This can help the business avoid late bill payments, take advantage of time-based discounts, and accelerate approvals. 

  • Faster cycle times: Freeing AP teams from manual data entry reduces errors, trims weeks from the payment cycle and allows the team to focus on more strategic tasks like improving vendor relationships, optimizing sourcing contracts, and negotiating deeper discounts. 

  • Paperless AP: Say goodbye to filing cabinets, lost invoices, and printer jams. With a fully digitized process not only do you reduce your carbon footprint and printing costs, but documents are also more secure. 

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