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Dynamics 365 Higher Education Accelerator


4.7 (7)

Rapidly build solutions for Higher Education using entities such as student, course, and test scores


  • Pre-built entities and forms: Access a data model including students, faculty, courses, test scores, etc for rapid development of solutions for Higher Education institutions, blog overview here.
  • Available on GitHub: The solution, data sample, Power BI examples, SDK extensions, and more are provided as part of the open source creative license and available on GitHub.
  • Common Data Model (CDM): Higher Education entities combine with standard CDM entities to provide a unified view of your data across sources enabling new insights and experiences to students and faculty.

How to Experience

  • Free Trial: By clicking on Free Trial you install the solution into your Dynamics 365 environment. You will need a Dynamics 365 environment and the appropriate privileges to install, it can take up to 10 minutes to install the solution.
  • Sample Data: To minimize installation time, the solution does not include a sample data set, to add a sample data set into your environment, please click here and follow the steps in the Installing Sample Data document, it can take up to an hour to install the sample data.
  • Test Drive: To immediately experience the Higher Education Accelerator with the associated sample data, try the Test Drive option. With a Test Drive, you don’t need a Dynamics 365 environment and you’ll have an hour to experience the Accelerator.

Additional Support

  • Support topics for the Industry Accelerators
  • If you have any issues installing or need to reach us please click here
  • To engage with us to build on the Industry Accelerators, please click here