Seismic Enablement Cloud™ for Dynamics 365

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Seismic is the market leader in Sales Enablement & Productivity

Combine the power of Seismic & Microsoft to boost efficiencies and improve the buyer experience. Seismic’s integration with MicrosoftDynamics 365 enables sellers to personalize interactions and collaborate on that content, ultimately increasing user adoption, all without leaving Dynamics 365. Sales teams are equipped with the right content, at the right time in the buyer's journey, for every interaction, dramatically improving the time spent selling and win rates. Marketing teams use Seismic to personalize content at scale and have visibility into best-performing content.

Seismic can be embedded into Dynamics 365 as a menu item or added to an entity form, for example, an account, opportunity, or lead form. Seismic surfaces recommended content within Dynamics 365 CRM to increase seller productivity and improve customer engagement. Seismic uses Dynamics 365 opportunity data to speed up the creation of presentations through Seismic’s LiveDocs. Through Seismic’s integration within Dynamics, sellers are more productive and Dynamics utilization is higher. Sellers are empowered to make informed decisions and tailor content to buyers within minutes, meaning sales velocity accelerates and sales revenue increases.

“Seismic has shifted our company by making us more efficient. We’ve been able to really cut down on our manual processes and have been able to create materials that are much more effective.”

- Tanya Rinebarger, Senior Manager, Presentation Publishing

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