Telesign Voice Add-on for Dynamics 365

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Add Inbound Voice Calling using virtual phone numbers to reach, engage & communicate with customers.

Important Note: In order to use this application you must have access to a Telesign Enterprise Account. The application does not currently work with Telesign Self-Service accounts. To acquire a Telesign Enterprise Test Account, please contact Telesign at

Enable the phone numbers being used for SMS outreach to receive inbound Voice Calls from your Dynamics 365 for Marketing implementation

  • Route and bridge voice calls from your users to the appropriate person or department
  • Track communication events with each of your users all in one place
  • Complement your SMS communications with Voice Calling

Maintain a global presence

  • Receive Voice calls globally, in more than 100 countries and territories and 25 languages
  • Leverage Telesign’s network, which spans across 700+ high-quality, direct-to-carrier routes providing the highest availability, delivery and completion rates

Deliver differentiated and personalized customer experiences

  • Utilize a virtual phone number that can route to anyone within your organization
  • Record call events into a customer record each and every time you communicate with your user(s)

Drive Engagement towards your organization through Voice Calls

  • Use Virtual Numbers as publicly facing contact numbers
  • Run Inbound Voice Campaigns to drive engagement towards your organization
  • Increase conversion rates, customer retention and CSAT rates

About Telesign

Telesign connects and protects online experiences with sophisticated customer identity and engagement solutions. Through APIs that deliver user verification, data insights, and communications, we solve today’s unique customer challenges by bridging your business to the complex world of global telecommunications.

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