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All the marketing and sales tools integrated within your Dynamics 365

Touchdown is a rich and intuitive marketing suite for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Create email & SMS campaigns and build automated scenarios directly within your CRM.

Due to its native integration, you benefit from:

An optimal segmentation

Segment your contacts, accounts, leads or personalised entities with static or dynamics marketing lists.

A perfect content

Create captivating content which is automatically responsive and compatible with all the messaging clients due to a complete integration of our drag-and-drop Emailbuilder.

A detailed statistical analysis

Control your data, all the Email and SMS interactions are saved within your CRM.

A high deliverability

Easily manage your brand identity, we configure the domains for you (sender, links, images...) to guarantee the highest deliverability possible.

A complete automation

Automate your sales and marketing processes with our natively integrated automation feature.

A control of customer/lead relationship

Take advantage of an intelligent classification of manual replies.

A fully customisable interface
Find Touchdown among your PowerApps solutions. Create or modify the dashboard, forms and views with “custom controls” and dedicated resources.

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