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Statistics and data analysis add-in.

XLSTAT 365 is a user-friendly cloud-based application for statistics and data analysis that works as an add-on to Microsoft Excel 365. With XLSTAT 365 enjoy access to all mainstream statistical features anytime, anywhere from your PC, MAC, Tablet or Smartphone.

XLSTAT 365 makes data analysis easier than ever as it operates seamlessly with Excel 365. Furthermore, results can be customized and shared with others.

XLSTAT 365 is brought to you by Addinsoft, the maker of XLSTAT, and leader in statistical software for Microsoft Excel.

Note: You must create an XLSTAT 365 account in order to access the software.

Fonctionnalités du complément
Lorsque ce complément est utilisé, il
  • Peut lire votre document et y apporter des modifications
  • Peut envoyer des données via Internet
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