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Simple Network Chart

Garden City Consultants

A tool to visualize pairwise relations between objects

The objects are represented in the nodes and relations are represented in the edges

The data sheet includes 2 sections:

- Nodes: 4 data columns are supported:

a. ID column for the nodes : required, numeric value

b. Node label : required, string value

c. Group: blank value is supported, string value

d. Style: blank value is supported, CSS type of string, ex: color:red, color:#f0f0f0 etc.

- Edges: below the nodes section.

a. ID column: always 0 when the row is edge

b. Edge label: blank value is supported, string value

c. From: required, the numeric ID value of the nodes from.

d. To: required, the numeric ID value of the nodes to.

If the group label is presented, the nodes are colored by groups. Otherwise, all the nodes are colored in the default color. Each node can be colored by the color in the style column (4th column).

The edge color inherits the color in the From node.

Click the navigation bar on the bottom to zoom in/out the chart, and move up, down, left, right directions.

The nodes can be dragged and dropped at new location.

There are 5 nodes style are supported:

Ellipse, Circle, Box, Text, Dot (text display outside the dot)


- Sample data demonstrate the data structure supported by the addin.

- Visualize pairwise relations between nodes.

- Customize the nodes by enter simple CSS style in the style column.

- You can change the chart title by clicking in the title area and enter a new text for the chart title.

- 5 options to display nodes

- Interactive Chart: the chart is binding to the data table in the sheet directly, when you update the data, you can see the chart updating. However, don't recommend to use for this add-in to avoid to redraw the chart too much.

- Chart size can be customized.

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