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ConX Scheduler for Outlook

InFocus Corporation

5.0 (1)

Enhance productivity by scheduling ConX meetings inside Outlook.

The ConX Scheduler for Outlook assists users in scheduling and starting a meeting in Microsoft Outlook quickly - just add your name, meeting room number, and security PIN. For scheduling a new ConX meeting or adding a ConX room to an pre-existing meeting, the add-in will pre-populate the meeting invite with your ConX room information. Starting an instant meeting will open the ConX application if it is already installed.

Users now have the ability to switch the language of the Outlook plugin. The languages are

a. English (default)

b. Chinese (simplified)

c. Chinese (traditional)

d. Dutch

e. French

f. German

g. Spanish

Now there is an ability to add/remove Global Dial-In numbers from the invite. The user has a default number based on language. The user can select all Dial-In numbers that are available. Note, there must be one number selected for the Add-In.

One tap meeting room entry via United States Dial-In number is possible now on the iPhone.

Fonctionnalités du complément
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