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Responding to pulse surveys is easier than ever with the TINYpulse app for Teams.

TINYpulse builds better working cultures and makes employees happier through regular feedback and recognition. And now you don't have to leave Microsoft Teams to use it! Get notified and anonymously respond to your regular TINYpulse surveys at any time without ever leaving the comfort of your desktop.

  • Let the TINYpulse bot in Teams notify you when you have a new pulse survey.
  • Respond anonymously and give actionable feedback to your leaders.

  • Build a better culture by never missing another TINYpulse survey!

To use the TINYpulse app in Teams, users must first be added to a TINYpulse account by their organization's administrator. Only those users who have been invited and have activated their TINYpulse accounts can receive and respond to TINYpulse surveys scheduled by their admins. Additionally, the email address associated with the TINYpulse and Microsoft Teams account must match in order to take advantage of this integration. To verify your account, visit the web application ( to log in, set, or reset your password, or contact us ( for more information.

"We use TINYpulse to make sure we're getting real-time feedback we need to foster a great culture." -Kipp Bodnar, CMO of HubSpot

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