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WritingAssistant for Outlook


The most powerful writing improvement software in the world.

Why Will You Like the WritingAssistant Add-in?

WritingAssistant is the most powerful writing improvement software in the world.

This advanced writing analyzer uses AI technology to flag errors, offer suggestions, and learn from every text it encounters. It can be used on all types of writing materials, including emails, essays, and cover letters.

WritingAssistant has two key levels:

· Level 1: Provides an instant analysis of grammatical and syntactical errors.

· Level 2: Offers assistance on the quality of writing including coherence metrics.

You can log in to the Add-in simply by creating an account on the WritingAssistant website:

Every user can change their desired settings to check their content; additionally, they also have a Custom Dictionary, which enables them to add words to this dictionary. This will reduce known errors in the content.

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