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Save your Outlook email attachments to SharePoint Document Library and/or OneDrive with Email 365

Built for Microsoft Office 365 users, Email365 gives an embedded experience within Outlook’s both the versions of Desktop and Web.

Clicking on Email365 add-in icon, appeared on email body, you can able to see all the attachments combined and displayed in a grid view along with details like sender name, date of email received and size of the attachment. It will also display the email itself.

Key Features:

• You can view all the files as in grid view available in an email thread in outlook.

• You can perform full text search on file name and sender detail to filter them out.

• You can copy N numbers of attachment from an email thread of whatever size to any SharePoint document library or any OneDrive location in a single go.

• You can mark frequently used locations as favourite for ease accessibility and to have a centralized location for all favourite locations.

• You will get uploaded attachment’s location as a link so that you can copy a link and paste for the ease of use.

• Email 365 is compatible for both Outlook for Web and Desktop.

Fonctionnalités du complément
Lorsque ce complément est utilisé, il
  • Peut envoyer des données via Internet
  • Ce complément peut lire ou modifier le contenu des éléments de votre boîte aux lettres et créer des éléments. Il peut accéder aux informations personnelles (corps, objet, expéditeur, destinataires ou pièces jointes) des messages ou des éléments du calendrier. Il peut également envoyer ces données à un service tiers.