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Create, send and track all of your Email communications.

Create, send and track responsive HTML emails from your Outlook inbox to your Outlook distribution lists or dynamic distribution groups.

When it comes to measuring internal communications and internal emails ContactMonkey is the only solution that enables you to measure individual employee email engagement and send beautiful responsive HTML internal emails from Outlook to your Outlook distribution lists. Our add-in helps you measure your employee email engagement levels all within your Outlook inbox

HTML Email Template Builder

Responsive HTML email templates

Personalize subject line and email body copy

Send to Outlook distribution lists, dynamic distribution groups or upload a CSV

Track email opens, link clicks, location and device

Schedule in advance to send later

Track granular (individual) and aggregate campaign results

Dashboard analytics within Outlook

Exportable results

Email Template Builder

Create responsive HTML email templates with our easy to use drag and drop email template builder. Upload your own email template and start editing or choose from our library of pre-designed email templates.

Personalized Emails to Your Outlook Distribution Lists

Easily create personalized employee emails within the subject line or body copy of your email no matter if you’re sending to 20, 200 or 1000’s of employees! Send directly to your existing Outlook distribution lists, dynamic distribution groups or upload a CSV file.

Email Tracking and Dashboard Analytics

Get real-time notifications on email opens and link clicks sent to your internal communications database all within your own Outlook inbox. See granular (individual) or aggregate stats. Use dashboard insights to improve email subject lines, messaging, links and sending times to boost employee engagement rates.

Plans and Pricing:

We offer a free full feature 14 day trial for all Internal Communications Email Tracking Plans. Once you have completed your trial you can upgrade to our Full Communications plan within the add-in. Our pricing is custom and based on your company needs and goals, for more information please visit

We’d be happy to get you started and set up with a demo and free trial, for more information please visit

For more information on Internal Communications plans please visit

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