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XQ Secure Email with Quantum Encryption

XQ Message

Make all your current apps safe. Send quantum secure emails between Outlook and any other app.

Make all your current apps safe. Send quantum secure emails between Outlook and any other app.

XQ works across existing email platforms, lets you set the email lifespan and 'unsend' or revoke emails.

XQ MSG lets you send private messages on public networks. Enabling both consumer and enterprise to communicate privately using existing unsecured public networks and apps. XQ is able to do this because it is the first company to use quantum number (qRNG) based edge encryption.

Make your public conversations private. XQ is the easiest way to secure your email.

XQ is truly cross-platform. Easily send and receive one-click secure encrypted emails from Outlook to any other email app. XQ uses quantum random numbers (qRNGs) to edge encrypt your emails and give you a superior level of end-to-end data encryption security.

XQ provides one-click secure encrypted emails for google mail. XQ is easy to use, works across existing email platforms and doesn’t allow your messages to be read by anyone except who you want.

XQ is for everyone who values privacy, from consumers to lawyers, doctors, financial institutions and government agencies.

XQ is free to install and use so there is no risk to giving it a try.


'Unsend' emails by revoking access to encrypted emails by the recipients. Just click the REVOKE button and your email is no longer readable.


It's important that we make sending an XQ encrypted email simple and easy. XQ will let you encrypt and send a secure message in as little as 1 click! It doesn't get easier than that.


XQ offers 3 levels of security to match your needs: Instant, Personal and Lockdown! XQ uses an architecture using quantum random numbers that is more secure than existing email encryption solutions because super computers and quantum computers have a much harder time hacking it.


XQ messages only live for as long as you want them to.*

By default, messages automatically expire after 3 days and then can't be decrypted. This way you won't have to worry about that credit card number you sent Joe's repair being in his email forever.

* Subscription plan dependent


XQ won't read your emails and messages because we never have your data - neither will anybody else. The encrypted content stays within your existing service (like Gmail) and we provide the logic to encrypt and decrypt the messages.

If you like XQ, please leave us a 5-star review!


XQ Message is the first quantum safe messaging platform available to the public. With our patent pending technology we've made sending a message securely super simple.

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