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Beezy Stories

Beezy Inc

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Enhance employee experience with an engaging company culture.

Learn how to enhance the employee experience and promote a growth-enabled culture with Beezy

The value of the Beezy Stories lies in our ability to take a diverse and complex set of Microsoft collaboration and communication capabilities and to deliver them in one unifying and comprehensive user experience. We enable our customers to dramatically reduce information silos, consolidate business tools, and get everyone operating on the same page!

Beezy Stories fits perfectly into the daily routine of team collaboration displaying news, updates, and important announcements from Beezy intelligent workplace directly in Teams. It reaches people were they collaborate and get their work done. It enables globalized companies to manage and visualize how their corporate objectives sync with each of their teams, avoiding potential conflicts and team segregations. It simplifies their internal communications with remote and diverse types to working teams, departments, and divisions.

Beezy Stories provides a foundation to immediately implement the internal communications module of Beezy intelligent workplace in Teams. It allows corporate messaging to be directed to relevant departments, teams, or individuals. Employees can interact with this content via likes and comments, allowing the management team to evaluate the content that creates the highest level of engagement – enhancing employee experience, information attainment, and overall productivity.

Content creation rights can be centrally managed or distributed to specific groups of people such as a departments or locations.

Beezy Stories delivers the right information, to the right people, in the right language. News and other content can be served in the user’s preferred language. English is always the default and fallback language.

What is supported in Beezy Stories for Microsoft Teams?

  • Important internal communications, articles and events about the Company.
  • Audience-specific channel configuration, so different teams can receive different content and notifications.
  • Social conversations through comments and likes directly in Beezy without leaving the MS Teams environment.

In order to use all the functions of this application, an account issued by Beezy Inc. is required. Please note that sign-up, and initial configuration by IT administrator are required.

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