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Actionstep for Outlook


A seamless experience from inbox to matter management

With Actionstep’s Outlook 365 add-in, law firms can get rid of unnecessary administrative processes, double entry and information silos between Outlook and Matter files. The add-in integrates the two major programs lawyers use to communicate with clients, manage matters and exchange documents. Users can view time entries and capture documents & emails directly from Microsoft Outlook and save them to a matter in Actionstep’s legal practice management software.

Actionstep’s Outlook 365 add-in allows legal professionals to:

  • Save emails directly to Actionstep from Outlook 365

  • Bulk load multiple emails from Outlook to a matter in Actionstep

  • View and create time entries on your matter from Outlook 365

  • View and create tasks on the matter from Outlook 365

  • Save attachments from Outlook to your matter document management system

  • View billing information stored in Actionstep from Outlook

Automate your matter information management with Actionstep’s Outlook 365 add-in, so you have more time & headspace to serve your clients well.

There’s no extra charge; this integration is part of your Actionstep subscription.

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