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Easily create and share video updates to make your messages more effective.

Prezi Video is a visual communication tool that puts you and your content together on the same screen, allowing you to create interactive and effective videos in mere minutes. Use Prezi Video in Microsoft Teams (supported on Chrome and the MS Teams Mac/Win apps) to make your message stand out and get across loud and clear. Make projects, company announcements, classroom updates, and messages more personalized by being on-screen next to your content. Prezi Video is perfect for sharing messages and information in a more impactful and effective way. Using video to communicate remotely saves time and catches the attention of your viewers. The Prezi Video integration makes all this possible by allowing you to quickly create and post videos in your Microsoft Teams chats and channels.

Here are just a few of the many things that you can do with Prezi Video:

  • Create videos that show you alongside your content and graphics.

  • Quickly add content to your videos by using our image search or by uploading your own file.

  • Post videos directly to your chats and channels so other members can view them anytime.

  • Use one of our designer video templates to start creating and customize them with your content.

  • Get started for free or choose a plan that fits your needs to unlock a variety of powerful video creation features and additional Prezi tools.

Prezi Video is ideal for:

  • Classroom & company updates

  • Study guides

  • Parent-teacher check-ins

  • School projects & assignments

  • Trainings & lectures

  • Personal messages

No editing experience required, getting started with the Prezi Video app in Microsoft Teams is quick and easy. Start from one of our designer templates, then add text and visuals to build your video. Once you've finished, simply post it in a Microsoft Teams chat or channel for your audience to view anytime. The videos you create are stored in your Prezi library so they can be shared again anytime.

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