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Manage your Genuity Helpdesk within the Microsoft Teams

Genuity's IT Help Desk solution is a cloud-based SaaS offering, allowing support teams the ability to identify problems, prioritize them for resolution, and spot potential problem trends that may cause outages in the future. The Genuity IT Help Desk makes it easy to manage tickets and respond to requests. Our automated capabilities substantially reduce the time it takes for support to respond.

Our collaboration tools and UI are designed to reduce time spent handling tickets all in one place. Avoid the collection of features you don't need and do it all from one platform efficiently. No headaches, no hassle, no sweat and ticket closed.

Smart notifications: You'll never have to leave Microsoft Teams to keep on top of your tickets in Genuity while collaborating with your team. The Genuity bot provides real-time notifications within Teams. Keep track of crucial occurrences, such as a new customer response to an important ticket or the creation of a new ticket. These notifications can be configured to go to any linked channel of your choice within your company.

Better management: Use Genuity app to create ticket directly from your teams channels and collaborate on it. Within the teams you can execute tasks such as adding a comment or editing a ticket. keep your agents engaged without leaving Teams. All you need is to be a member of Genuity company.

Please contact your admin to invite you on Genuity. If you're already a member of Genuity then all you need is to add this app to a channel of your choice and link that channel with Genuity. You can also add an automated task to send notifications from Genuity to the channels of your choice.

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