Music Snippet

par Tutteo Limited

Music notation and tablature snippets for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Music Snippet is a powerful and user-friendly add-on designed to enhance music creation on Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Perfect for music educators and students, it lets you create and edit an unlimited number of music snippets that can then be added to your documents. Join the 9M+ who use Music Snippet to simplify music theory assignment creation, create engaging lessons and handouts, and foster creativity in the classroom.

🟢 How to get started?

1. Install Music Snippet in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, or install the add-in for your Domain.

2. Open the add-on in Word or PowerPoint. In the toolbar, choose “Insertion”, then click on "Music Snippet”. Start creating your music notation!

3. Once you’ve created a music notation, select “Add to document” to insert your composition as an image within a document.

4. If you are a Flat Power or Flat for Education user, you can connect your account to the Music Snippet, allowing you to use the full add-on without paying. If you want to learn more check for individuals, or for educators!

5. *Note: The notation inserted in your document works like a picture, and thus doesn't have our playback included (to access the full notation editor, including playback and other features, you need to have a Flat Power or Education account).

🟢 Features

• Compose and edit music notation with ease

• Access your entire sheet music library

• Save and edit your creations anytime, anywhere

• Incorporate your compositions into documents and presentations as vector images, allowing for smooth resizing.

• Access our full music notation editor with the Flat Power or Education account integration

🟢 Pricing

• $19 / year

• When the year ends, you will not be charged automatically

• If you wish to renew your license, just go to the add-on page to buy again.

🟢 Support

For any questions or suggestions, please contact us at

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