Rainbow Telephony

Alcatel-Lucent International

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Add Telephony capabilities in your Microsoft Teams application with Rainbow Telephony.

Rainbow Telephony complements your Microsoft Teams application with business telephony services via your Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise communication system (OmniPCX Enterprise, OXO Connect).

You can: select the device you want to use for making and receiving phone calls (desk phone, computer, or any other phone), manage up to two phone calls, and make a three-way conference (requires the Rainbow service installed on your machine for receiving and managing calls), select a phone number from any desktop application and use a shortcut to start a call, search for a user in your enterprise communication system and make a phone call, forward your phone calls to your voicemail or any phone number when you are unavailable or out of office, check for missed calls and new voice messages, call your voicemail system to read your voice messages and configure your voicemail and use your call history to call your correspondents back.

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