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Interact virtually with your audience and boost engagement.

Live polling, Q&A, brainstorm for Microsoft teams

Interact virtually & on-site with audience from 5 to 5000 people. Real-time. No setup, no download, 100% intuitive. Give a voice to your participants and facilitate conversation during your meetings, training, conferences, workshops

  Express yourself

Post text, images and video streams save drafts, highlight content, like & comment


Single & multiple choice polls, admin can prepare draft poll, close poll, see live results


Define right answer, show leaderboard, display TOP 3 fastest respondents


Give a grade or set up 5-star or emoji-ratings


Share ideas, grade them, display in word clouds

  Video Streaming

Run video streams for your webinars, share your screen, invite up to 5 simultaneous speakers


Propel important content to the top of your feed


Project posts on widescreen, activate slideshow mode to be hands-free


Engagement leaderboard, 1 or 2 separate feeds: posts by organisers and posts by the community


Engagement score, number of users, posts, highlights, likes, comments & polls, exports in PDF & Excel

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