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Integrate Wooflash into Microsoft Teams

Wooflash is a cognitive science and AI-based study platform which enables students and teachers to create personalized learning paths. Teachers can track their students' progress asynchronously and create content collaboratively.

Wooflash acts as an intermediate link between the course and the exam, allowing students to learn by practicing.

Resulting from a strong collaboration with neuroscience researchers, pedagogical engineers and teachers, Wooflash interconnects with the tools they use such as LMS, Moodle or Microsoft Teams.

Why Wooflash ?

3 key elements at the heart of Wooflash value proposition:

* Adaptive learning: with the spaced repetition principle and its learning reinforcement technique, Wooflash promotes memorization and knowledge transfer. After each question, students receive immediate feedback that guides them through their revisions process.

* Learning analytics: identify students who are dropping out to support them and push even further those who excel.

* Coconstruction process : a platform created in close collaboration with teachers for a simple and intuitive use.

How does it work?

Wooflash allows you to guide students in their revisions process as well as teaching them through a flipped classroom way:

1. Create your course and your questions (MCQs, Math expression, Dictation, Label on image, Flashcards, Fill in the Blanks, etc.)

2. Share this Wooflash course with your students

3. Follow the progress of your students with the learning analytics in a general or individual way

Wooflash allows you to integrate pictures, videos, hyperlinks, audio. You can also create several types of questions, such as :

- Flashcards

- Short answer

- Fill in the Blanks

- Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

- Single Choice Question

- Ranking

- Self-evaluation

- Math expression

- Script Concordance Test

- Matching

- Slide

- Open answer

- Find on image

- Label on image

- Judgment Concordance Test

- Dictation

Wooflash also includes the following features:

- Collaborative content creation

- Personal tracking and learning analytics for the student

- Student can create their own review content

- Comment mode to interact on Wooflash questions

- Folders to sort Wooflash courses

- Exam mode

- Game


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