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Fun Social Games, Trivia Quiz, WaterCoolers & Icebreakers 🏆

*Build happier and engaged teams with Trivia Quizzes, Word Puzzles, Virtual Water Cooler, Social Icebreakers & Fun Games!*

Play games asynchronously with your coworkers for the ultimate team building! 🤝

With Ricotta, say yes to virtual coffee time and team bonding, one game at a time!

Co-workers with strong bonds are 7 times more likely to be productive. Ricotta helps teams to:

✨ Build an amazing team culture

👋 Onboard new employees in a fun way

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Bond and enhance team connections

💪 Create happier, engaged teams

🎯 Increase productivity & employee retention

Get everyone in your company to take 10-minute breaks to play asynchronously throughout the day. This will enable everyone to get to know each other better, avoid burnout and feel energised after fun breaks.

Games that you’ll love

🏆 Trivia

📷 Photo Quiz

☃️ Snowman

🔡 Word of The Day (Wordle)

🥑 This or That

❄️ Icebreaker Questions

🏢 Coworker Questions

☕ Never Have I Ever

📆 Weekly Trivia

🍿Unpopular Opinions

Loved by 3000+ remote and hybrid teams, Ricotta gives you access to:

- Quick & engaging Games for fun work breaks

- Icebreaker and water coolers that keep teams connected

- Asynchronous game format that doesn’t disrupt workflow

- Weekly Trivia contests, posted every Wednesday

- Olympic style leaderboard to give out prizes

- Auto-scheduler for games

- Game-wise engagement scores

- Admin controls

To get started, simply add Ricotta to start your 14-day free trial, no credit card required.

Once you've added Ricotta to a group space, type *@Ricotta Hello* and press enter to start playing.

To use Ricotta after your trial period, you must have a subscription. For more information, please visit our pricing section.

Have any questions or need help? Check out our [help docs]( or email us at

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