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Dial Gauge allows you to define various ranges in the dial along with pointer value.

Description for custom ‘Dial Gauge’ visualization are as below: 1. Colour indicated by red displays actual value. 2. Colour indicated by yellow displays target value. 3. Pointer displays any value. 4. Null/blank/max values will be indicated by colour green. 5. Default minimum value is 0. 6. Default maximum value is 100. 7. Additional label to display value. It append % sign. 8. Name of chart will be displayed on center of Dial Gauge. Updates: 1.Font size control for all labels. 2.Decimal Precision control for all labels. 3.Colour of all three bands, centre, needle, body and rim can now be changed. 4.Leading and Trailing indicators can now be added to the Min-Max and Current Value. 5.Decimal Precision control for Percentage Value along with Hide option. 6.Reverse option to flip the Dial Gauge. 7.Option to add shadow to the Dial Gauge. 8.Option to show Legend. 9.Option to hide Chart Name and Current Value. 10.The Tooltip will now show Start and End values for each band. 11.The Dial Gauge is now centre-aligned. 12.Previously reported bugs have been fixed.

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