Lipstick Bar Chart

Nova Silva BV

Compact and precise visual comparison of two measures with a Lipstick Bar Chart

Regularly the standard Clustered Bar chart is used to compare two measures within a number of categories. If one of these measures has been added as a reference (secondary measure) to increase the context of the primary measure it would be better to clearly show this priority difference.

This is precisely what the Lipstick Bar Chart does: It shows the primary measure per category on the foreground, and places the secondary measure behind it for a precise comparison of both values. Since both values are placed on top of each other it also becomes a more compact alternative to show both measures per category.

Key features of the Lipstick Bar Chart are:

Format the objects: Each of the bars (both primary and secondary) can be formatted like the bars in the Power BI Clustered Bar/Column Chart;

The Axis formatting options are in line with the options you know from the Power BI Clustered Column & Bar Charts, so no need to learn a new interface;

Selection & Highlighting: Like in standard Power BI Charts you can make use of the Selection & Highlighting functions within the Lipstick Chart;

Context menu: Like in standard Power BI Charts you have access to the context menu to Include/Exclude data points;

Full tooltip support: Besides the default Tooltip behaviour (show the value of the element you hover) you can also add additional feeds to the tooltip.

Full Bookmark support: like any of the standard visuals the Lipstick Column Chart supports Bookmarks

This visual offers in-app purchases and comes with free access to evaluate the paid features.

The basic functionality of the Lipstick Bar Chart is available for free. The licensed version contains additional features like changing the formatting of the bars and theme integration. Interested in trying the licensed features? Just turn on the Paid Features option and they will become visible. Need more information? Visit our site at:

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