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Visual with writeback directly in Power BI for planning, master data (MDM), budgeting, forecasting

Planning & forecasting directly in Power BI

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A planning and forecasting visual tool with writeback in Power BI.

accoPLANNING easily embeds a powerful planning tool directly into Power BI. Also, it allows write-back to various data sources directly from within the tool. Quick and easy project management, financial planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis.

If you want to optimize and professionalize any planning process that requires manual input from your employees, then accoPLANNING can help you. accoPLANNING is a simple and very flexible solution based on Power BI functionality. It can support any process that requires values, text or date/time input from employees around the organization. As an integral part of Power BI, you have many options to customize your budget and planning solution according to your needs - both technically and visually. At the same time, you avoid users need to switch system when they need to budget and plan and in the next moment check their daily reporting.

accoPLANNING addresses the necessary planning process but bypasses the issues that attach to the major financial EPM tools. With accoPLANNING you get a cheap and extremely fast implemented reporting solution that uses the agility and data security of Power BI. Via accoPLANNING, users can provide input to the underlying data model e.g. in a sales budgeting process. The built-in Power BI security model ensures that entry users will only see the subset of data that pertains to them. The effect of the entries will immediately be visualized on the graphic objects, which provides a better overview.

(1) Requires Microsoft Power BI (
(2) To be able to save data, you need to access to a SQL table for writeback functionality
(3) A license for accoPLANNING

accoPLANNING is a Power BI custom visualization that can be downloaded directly from Power BI though Microsoft App. The solution gives you a simple way to off loaded your planning data in Power BI (Writeback). The only additional thing you need is a place for storing your writeback data and a License key. Data need to be stored in a SQL table in an Azure Database (starting at 5$/month).

• Use any existing Power BI model
• Supports all DAX calculations
• Benefit from your existing Power BI knowledge and resource
• No servers and no need for additional applications or interfaces
• No need to train people in new systems
• Benefit from current and future enhancements of Power BI
• Simple and easy maintenance
• Low cost
• Will work where works

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