BUILDFitters Project Management Analytics-Labor

par AlphaBOLD

  Track and monitor your workforce's timesheet entries for efficient project deliveries.

BUIDLFitters Project Management Analytics App – The Labor app keeps track of all timesheet entries across your workforce, enabling you to easily manage and stay on top of your team for efficient project timelines and deliverables. Project Managers can see logged time by accessing real-time analytics, broken down by employee trades, cost codes, and project phases. Download now and benefit from our free App. It also keeps in check regulations related to overtime and double time, meal breaks, ratio between journeymen, and apprentice hours and trade-specific rules enforced by The Code of Federal Regulations of the United States of America. Complete visibility of your projects and workforce management. BUIDLFitters PMA – The Labor App is a part of the BUIDLFitters solution offered by AlphaBOLD. Other BUIDLFitters applications also built around the AEC industry are listed below:

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