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Transform the complex ecological data you capture in the field into science.

As an ecologist, you often put on your hiking shoes or diving mask to collect huge amounts of data that are then divided into several tables – site/species matrices, morphological, environmental or genetic variables. XLSTAT-Ecology is a complete solution that lets you rapidly gain insight into complex ecological data in just a few clicks. Explore the relationships between tables (Multiple Factor Analysis, Redundancy analysis…), discover species niches (Canonical Correspondence Analysis), detect proteins that are differentially expressed (OMICs data analysis) or determine EC50 ecotoxicological doses. XLSTAT-Ecology will allow you to do all of the above and much more. You don't need to master algebra or programming to transform data into reports that attract attention and make it easier for you to communicate on your findings. XLSTAT-Ecology includes all of the XLSTAT-Base solution features in addition to methods specific to ecology.