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BatteryCheck s.r.o.

Solving tomorrow’s battery problems today.

Rapid transition to renewable resources seemingly could be a good cure, however, renewables when evaluated on a standalone basis show lower efficiency. The game changes significantly when renewable resources of energy get combined with energy storage solutions - essentially rechargeable batteries. With battery prices dropping to one third in the last two years and further cost reduction expected as we move forward, battery storage will play much more significant role in energy markets of the future. The key challenge in this context is to understand how battery storage performance may be optimized, explore new ways of used battery application and maximize useful lifetime of the storage equipment. Achievement of these objectives would not be possible without a data-analytics based solution that would be capable of producing and analyzing relevant data about the state of each individual battery equipment. Equally as important is to formulate a set off recommendation to users to support well-informed decisions about re-purposing and disposal.

To address these challenges, we offer our intelligent cloud-based proprietary analytical software solution which is monitoring the battery and collecting key performance parameter measurements straight from the Battery Management System (BMS). These data will be subject to further processing and AI calculations and subsequently form the basis for the BatteryCheck core services:

1. EVotchi, a service watching over battery performance, identifies anomalies within time series of data from BMS and then provides personalized recommendations to users how to behave.

2. ABEL (Average Battery End of Life) creates prediction based on AI/ML calculations about the forthcoming end of life of specific battery system. The service will also guarantee that the data will not be manipulated (blockchain), thus unlocking new market opportunities (including new financing options) for used electric vehicles and energy storage systems in other industrial applications as parties will know the objective condition of the battery.

3. BaLiMa (Battery Lifecycle Management), in turn, will recommend the best moment for re-purposing the equipment, i.e. when the battery ceased being a good fit for its primary use scenario but fully capable of taking on secondary life and serving to another purpose. This service will provide recommendation for optimal timing of final disposal of the battery - recycling.

BatteryCheck not only delivers on UN's Climate Action goal (SDG#13) and Affordable and Clean Energy goal (SDG#7) but it also helps foster circular economy by prolonging effective utilization of all raw materials used in manufacturing of batteries until the time when chemical and physical properties won't allow holding any electric charge.