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DigitalReach - The Content Engagement Platform for Advisors

DigitalReach is the content engagement platform for financial advisors that aligns sales, marketing, and compliance. The platform facilitates the centralization, personalization, distribution and associated tracking of customer-centric content to enable the sales of financial products. Empower your advisors to personalize client communications with no extra effort, making each touchpoint more impactful and boosting advisor efficiency. Because of the platform’s easy-to-use interface and CRM functionality, DigitalReach ensures a seamless digital experience and emotional brand connection for clients.

Core elements of DigitalReach:

- Contact library – Send one-to-one or one-to-many with the platform’s contact library. Group recipients based on company, persona, demographic information, or customer segment to match content with the most appropriate audience.

- Marketing content library – store, manage, and consolidate sales, marketing, and compliance documents in one centralized location with advanced filtering that allows advisors to find the right piece of content at exactly the right time.

- Rich media distribution – personalize and send rich media to recipients. DigitalReach can store static content (eg. PDFs) or more complex communication assets (eg. Personalized video experiences, webpages)

- Content tracking – gather real-time customer insights by tracking content consumption. This feature is central to the platform’s value to your advisors. DigitalReach users can access live updates when clients open, view, or interact with sales, marketing, and compliance content. These customer insights build a deeper understanding of the advisor’s clientele and enables the optimization of messaging for future communications. Compliance can access a full audit record of what, when, and how content is received.