Boxxstep BRM SaaS


The sales platform that aligns your selling with your prospects buying

There are big challenges in B2B sales today

Sales have got tougher, why is that? Here a few of the main reasons:

• Product/service differentiation is more difficult

• Longer sales cycles

• A rapid increase in no-decision outcomes

It’s no surprise that over 50% of salespeople fail to achieve quota.

One of the biggest reasons for this is how prospects now decide to buy or not buy.

It’s no longer about decision makers, it's about a buyer committee making consensus decisions. The more people involved the more difficult it is to get one.

Manage opportunities from the buyers perspective

Prospects don’t care about you or what you sell, they only care about solving their business problems or achieving their business goals.

Sellers need to stop selling and to start helping, they need to engage and collaborate from the buyer’s perspective if they want to be successful.

Buyer Relationship Management

Boxxstep complements Dynamics 365 and enables you to put your prospects buyer committee at the forefront of your sales activities.


Capture, manage, share and action the who, why, what, when and how of an opportunity.

Focus on the business problem, the buying process and the buyer committee people.

Relationship and Stakeholder Mapping to visualise roles, responsibilities, reporting lines and internal politics within the buyer committee.


Buying is more complex than selling, what are you doing to help? Two thirds of prospects stated they would prioritise doing business with  company who provide a better buying experience.

Boxxsteps advanced Mutual Action Plans help you to help the buyer committee to navigate the complexity of deciding and buying and differentiate through the buying experience.


Whether you win, lose or get a no decision outcome its an opportunity to learn what you do well and what you need to improve upon.

But don't just get feedback from an individual, get it from different buyer personas across the buyer committee.

Boxxstep simplifies how you request and manage feedback and to understand how you can improve your sales and business performance from the buyers perspective.

Who should use Boxxstep?

Boxxstep was created to help sales teams involved in complex, enterprise or high consideration sales.

B2B sales is a team sport and they involve much more than just frontline salespeople.

Boxxstep is for salespeople, sales leaders, sales enablement/operations and of course anyone else who supports the sales engagements.

How does Boxxstep help you?

By using Boxxstep to complement your Dynamics 365 you will benefit from: 

  • Improved qualification, forecasting and close rates
  • Improved deal reviews
  • Improved coaching capability
  • Retention of valuable data