Contacts by InfraCom

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Téléchargez des compléments gratuits avec toutes les fonctionnalités en obtenant Contacts by InfraCom :

Contact application to transfer calls, see line status and manage contacts in InfraCom PBX solution.

InfraCom Contacts is an app developed by InfraCom to offer Teams Telephony Users a simple and effective way to transfer calls to colleagues or external contacts.

 InfraCom Contacts also gives the user an easy way to see if colleagues are busy in a call or is unavailable. It is an ideal solution for employees that need to transfer a lot of calls.

Using InfraCom Contact you can also transfer calls to Response groups set up in the InfraCom centrex solution.

 InfraCom Contact is installed in Microsoft Teams client and then used as a native function inside the Microsoft Teams client.

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