CAT Check And Trace

Ceteris AG

Protect your products against forgery and trace their way from production to your customer.

"This application is available only in german"

CAT Check And Trace enables you to protect your products against counterfeit in a simple, cheap and effective way.
The solution consists of two components: Unique, bulletproof labels, which cannot be copied or tampered and a modern IT backend including a mobile app, cloud storage and blockchain technology.

The labels are being stuck on the products or printed on their packaging. Then the labels are scanned with a special app using a regular smart phone. This scanning process creates a digital sibling of the label and stores it in a blockchain and in the cloud.
Once this is done, the label easily can be checked with a second “consumer” app if it is valid or not. In this second scan process additional information about the product can be displayed to the customer, such as pictures, exact origin or date of production.
For the scan and trace data several Power BI reports are being provided to monitor your products on their way from the plant to customer.

As all data is stored in the cloud, additional services such as geo-tracking, geo-fencing, ETA-calculations, supply chain integration, etc. can be easily integrated.

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