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Mobile Travel & Expense Automation Solution

Canon Information and Imaging Solutions Inc.

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Intelligently captures, extracts, and submits receipts. Let the business traveler focus on business!

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Automate travel and expense processing with a solution from Canon

Capture and process business travel receipts with your mobile phone, right at the point of transaction. Expedite and simplify business expense processing – with artificial intelligence and machine learning! Automatically classify expense type, location, date, and allocate to specific projects.

Canon Mobile Travel & Expense Automation Solution enables business travelers to capture receipts and automatically classify the expense type. The receipt image along with the extracted data is saved in an expense report, easy to submit to the company’s ERP system.

  • Capture receipts on-the-go, no need to keep track and organize them manually.
  • Capture with a mobile device, email – any way that’s convenient for you.
  • Automate information processing with artificial intelligence
    • Key fields (expense type, date, location…) are automatically classified and extracted
  • Record and organize all your expenses and receipt images in a single file
    • Easy to submit immediately and get reimbursed faster.
  • Provide your organization with visibility to project-related spend
  • Improve compliance with company policy and regulatory requirements.

The solution is offered as a subscription.

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