CloudMoyo Rail Crew Management

CloudMoyo Inc

CloudMoyo Crew Management is an Azure-based railroad crew management software for rail industry

Cloud native SAAS product that empowers railroads to manage crew process across boards, optimize crew deployment, track qualifications, compliance, and provide real-time visibility with advanced analytics.

The product assists railroads in scheduling the crew effectively and efficiently on the basis of its availability, crew allocation order and train schedule compliance, and even assigning crew to the trains with the help of cloud-based notification and acceptance system

Crew Management Features:

  • Real-time crew availability
  • Automated crew assignment
  • Crew Qualification management
  • Crew Boards, Hours of Service, Tie-Up, Dwell and Duty Tracking
  • Leave Management and Day to Day operations, Arbitraries Management

Crew Analytics:

The product is enhanced with state-of-the-art reporting & analytics platform that enabled crew managers  to track various metrics such as

  • Inventory
  • Crew Boards
  • Utilization Ratios
  • Layoffs, Deadheads and Recrew Reasons
  • Rail Analytics
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