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contactone clienteling app


Contactone enables establish long-term 1:1 customer relationships using email and IM

Contactone enables Sales Associates and the like to establish a personal log-lasting 1:1 digital relation with their customers by means of emails and Instance Messaging.
Access to Contactone is only for authenticated and authorized users by means of brand own auth system or through Azure Active Directory.
Contactone allows quick and easy creation of email and Instant Messages including not only text but also pics, photos and smart object selected from in-app integration of brand product catalogs, digital asset management, social feeds and so on. Email and IM can be enriched with call to action to request info, to book appointment or to buy online the product.
Sales Associate through Contactone UI have access to most important information about customers such as profile data, latest purchases, preferences, latest email or sms received from the brand and from him/herself.
All conversations are safely stored inside Contactone and remain visible only to the Sales Associate and the like but Sales Associate cannot bring outside the app any information nor save the inside his/her own phone or tablet.
Further, specific events about customer and SA relationship are returned back to brand CRM through Contactlab Marketing Cloud.