Crafty - Skills mapping application


Value your employees to predict tomorrow's career paths

This application is available only in French and English. Crafty is an HR tool to unveil your team talents - Skills mapping : technical, soft skills, - Advanced search : skills, experiences, wishes - Talent management : staffing, knowledge management, internal mobility Crafty is powerful to : - Detect an gather skills of employees inside a company, a department or an organisation - Organise your knowledge management : know who does what and access to an expert - Staff your team according to expertise and wishes As Crafty is a collaborative tool, every person inside a company can access to it. The tool is particularly appreciate by HR team and Management team. Your priority is to know well your people and to value them by doing proactive carrier management. Nevertheless, your complex organization makes it difficult to identify talent, skills, etc. Crafty is the tool your are looking for.

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