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CRAYON DATA PTE. LTD. is a horizontal platform, serving multiple verticals, delivering personalised choices

Crayon’s is a 3-sided AI & ML engine, that enables enterprises that operate in the physical world to recapture ownership of customers and drive customer journeys, using AI led digital personalisation. brings 3 key benefits to its clients:

1) #UnlockWallets - Drive 3-7% increase in spends

2) #GetPersonal - Expand every customer transaction to 100s of taste attributes

3) #ReduceCycleTime - From raw data to Personal Storefronts and campaigns in 7 days* platform has 3 studios, each addressing a key stakeholder function within the bank:

1) For analytics teams: Taste Studio delivers “TastePrints” (underlying personal lifestyle preferences) of each individual.

2) For digital and campaign teams: Engage Studio creates millions of personal “Spaces”, personalised lifestyle experiences / storefronts to millions of customers

3) For merchant acquiring teams: Commerce Studio enables Private Marketplaces, where merchants can engage and target customers at an individual level is built on Crayon Data’s 3 underlying IP and patents:

1) TasteGraph – Affinity Map of the worlds’ lifestyles, with millions of entities / products, connected to each other, using 100s of attributes

2) Choice AI – Cocktail of algorithms, combining Taste, Influence, Context and Behaviour data to create rank-ordered “choices” for each customer

3) TasteMatch – Matching engine that can personalise only using behaviour, not identity