par Cypheme

Strong counterfeit protection. Powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Created by a French and Chinese team in the Silicon Valley, our technology leverages the latest advances in machine learning to analyse in-depth the microstructure of paper.

Cypheme is an artificial intelligence capable of detecting counterfeit products using only a cellphone camera.

Counterfeit products cost $600 billion a year and kill more people than malaria yearly. Products include milk powder, medicine, wine, cosmetics, electronics, car parts; the list is long and painful.

As more fake products flood the market, less people buy the real ones, and consumers blame the brands when the goods turn out to be shoddy counterfeit products. Our technology can change that.

No "QR Code", "RFID chips" or special hardware is required. Simply by scanning a Cypheme compatible package using a smartphone, customers can tell whether the item in front of them is genuine or not.

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