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A user-friendly and Cloud-based maintenance management software

DIMO Maint MX simplifies the daily life of technical teams and reinvents maintenance management in the cloud.

Choosing DIMO Maint MX means opting for an integrated and scalable expert software in its Express, Standard and Full versions,
which covers all the processes of the maintenance of your equipment and facilities:

  • Asset management
  • Work and request management
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Resource planning, scheduling and dispatching
  • Inventory and Purchase Management
  • Subcontracting management
  • Maintenance Budget Management
  • Data importation / exportation
  • KPI dashboards, controls, and reporting
  • Analytics: dynamic 360° analysis of your maintenance activity

DIMO Maint MX: choose a new generation CMMS!

  • Cross-platform: pc, tablet and smartphone app for IoS and Android

  • Multi-language, multi-currency, multi-time zone solution

  • Easy to integrate into your information system : Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, ...

Organize your maintenance activity more easily
Whether you're behind a desk or in the field, get the essential features you need to manage, organize and track your maintenance operations.
You have a fully customizable dashboard. Depending on your profile, you can consult your schedule, your alerts, your favorites, your own indicators and you can create your simplified intervention requests directly from the home page.

Simplify your technicians' work and improve their productivity
You give your technicians quick access to the information they need to be efficient, work independently and close efficiently: quick consultation of the schedule on the home page, quick access to work orders, visualization of alerts, automatic report entry.
Technicians know what they need to do, don't waste time locating equipment and have access to all equipment data.

Anticipate and make interventions more reliable
DIMO Maint MX helps you to set up and plan preventive maintenance actions, and when work is due, the software automatically generates work orders and sends notifications. You save time and efficiency by setting up the maximum number of tasks: sending emails on predefined actions.
You can set up maintenance schedules and manage resources directly.
You can easily know what has been done and who is responsible.

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