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SalesMatik sales productivity suite

Realise the 13th sales month with the SalesMatik sales productivity suite. Sales leaders know that efficiency is the key to extraordinary results and strive to cut out all non-core sales tasks. Rely on SalesMatik to eliminate sales time wasters in preparation and follow-up of customer interactions. How to realise the 13th sales month? With the SalesMatik productivity suite, you can... - create engaging sales tools for each sales situation - push the right sales tools to the fingertips of your sales people - display the right sales tool to engage with the client - send convincing follow-up documentation on the spot - generate the visit report - gather actionable market feedback - improve the sales tools based on actual usage data - coach your team based on interaction feedback SalesMatik is a toolkit to build as many sales apps you can dream of. Go for the best product launch of the year. - sellers use the Engage apps on Windows, Android and iOS to engage with customers - sellers love the automated the visit report and enriched the sales conversations with data from CRM enabled by the SalesMatik CRM Connector - sellers use SalesMatik for micro-learning suited to the busy sales life - sales support use the Content Factory to create interactive sales tools and courses in Powerpoint and use the Portfolio Manager to upload content and assign to users