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Predictive Visibility Platform For (First mile, mid-mile & last-mile delivery) Logistics Operations

Visibility black box is a major challenge for enterprises when it comes to handling their delivery logistics operations. Lack of centralized visibility leads to critical offshoots such as cost escalation due to inefficient logistics, urgency-driven carrier engagements(logistics & transportation partners) and most importantly customer experience. They also typically face challenges in running operations seamlessly when the scale surges. 


FarEye is a SaaS platform which enables brands to orchestrate, track and optimize their logistics operations.  It helps enterprises in areas such as cross-docking, long haul movement, last mile delivery operations such as driver allocation, routing, digital proof of deliveries ,real-time track and trace. The platform is customizable, as it allows businesses to design workflows or pick from a pre-loaded enterprise-grade process library. 

FarEye also comes with pre-integrations for 40+ Logistics partners across multiple countries thereby assuring them of a seamless and secure way to integrate with their IT systems. They can make better informed carrier-selection decisions. 

The biggest benefit is handling scale at ease using the Azure-based framework irrespective - whether it is 1,000 deliveries on a normal day or 100k deliveries due to surge demand. This agility is critical for the enterprise, in addition to which predictive & real-time visibility is a key benefit. 
C-suite - Comprehensive visibility, process efficiency, better customer relationships 
Managers(Logistics, Fulfilment, Transportation) - Better allocation, improved operational flexibility, data-driver carrier management, improved ETA predictability, chain of custody reporting
Drivers - Maximization of deliveries in a day, improved incentives 
Customers - Flexible scheduling, real-time track & trace, flexible payment options due to wallet-enabled app

FarEye has helped leading global enterprises to shrink delivery time by up to 27%, increase courier productivity by up to 15%, eliminate risks by up to 57%, and achieve operational excellence. FarEye has a strong traction with more than 150 global Retailers, CPG companies and Logistics & Transportation providers including DHL, Amway, Hilti, Walmart and Dominos. 

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