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ForaHealthyMe Inc.

Virtual Care Technology Solutions for Chronic Disease, Acute Care and Remote Rehab Management.

Description of the Offer
We develop and license our suite of intelligent virtual care solutions to hospitals, rehab centers and home care service delivery organizations. 
Tools and applications are delivered through web and mobile devices secured and enabled on Microsoft's Azure Cloud service. 
Pain Point

Using our technology providers can remotely treat and manage chronic & acute multi-morbid patients, while addressing the disconnect between physical and mental health treatment. 

Offer Description

With a focus on Musculoskeletal, Neurological, Cardiac & Cognitive Care, we have validated technology and re-designed the delivery of care to empower health providers with tools to remotely treat chronic & acute multi-morbid patients and address the disconnect between physical and mental health treatment.   

Type of User Benefits
Our integrated solution empowers health providers with a combination of patient/provider virtual care solutions, telehealth, health informatics data for decision making, disease management and computer vision technologies to assess human range of motion.  The platform is made up of several innovative components. They include:

  • Care provider/patient management workflows
  • Telehealth (video call capability for provider to provider virtual consults)
  • Messaging Tools
  • Clinical assessment tools
  • Biometric data gathering capabilities to track Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, monitor diet and exercise. 
  • Video call solutions for patient group-based peer to peer engagement across facilities. 
  • Computer vision kinematic technology to support Gait, Balance and Range of Motion assessments 
  • Gamified 3D Virtual Coaching avatars that simulate human motion and stimulate physical activity    
  • FHIR Interoperability