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Cellular Twin (CT)

grandcentrix GmbH

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The CT is a mass manufacturing-ready all-in-one solution which connects products to Azure-IoT.

This application is available in english, german. It can be used worldwide to drive IoT adoption in a very simple way. It consists of hardware, connectivity and cloud integration. The connectivity is based on Vodafone’s global Narrowband IoT / LTE Cat M1network and guarantees secure and reliable functionality even in remote regions or in basements. The mainboard supports a wide range of use cases out of the box via a 15-pin connector and is also extensible via daughterboards (i.e. RS485, Modbus, S0, PLC). Its characteristics make it possible to replace expensive IoT gateway installations completely as it gets built into products directly. The firmware running on the hardware can be updated over-the-air despite NB-IoT limitations. Cellular Twin sends telemetric data directly to any HTTP or MQTT endpoint, natively supporting Azure IoT Hub or Azure IoT Central. We offer competitive pricing in large quantities and thus easily enable customers to connect their products to the internet who were not able to do this before.