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Thor Foresight Enterprise

Heimdal Security

5.0 (1)

Thor Foresight Enterprise: Combat evolving threats and add EDR to your existing Antivirus solution

Helping you close vulnerabilities, be compliant and add unique threat prevention to stop:

  • Ransomware
  • APTs
  • Financial Fraud
  • Data Leaks
  • Exploits

Before they do damage!

The embedded Darklayer GUARD™ brings unique traffic filtering to prevent endpoint compromise, block malicious internet traffic and eliminates the risk of data exfiltration.

The proprietary VectorN Detection™ brings advanced, machine learning-powered detection of sophisticated threats at the traffic layer in order to prevent and mitigate attacks.

Smooth policy deployment provided through X-Ploit Resilience will automatically eliminate security holes in third-party software.

The management of Thor Foresight Enterprise is done through the Unified Threat Dashboard (UTD) which is a cloud-based platform that is protected by 3-factor authentication.

Heimdal UTD offers real-time threat and status reporting, delivered in intervals of your choosing. Data is graphed and scaled daily, weekly or monthly and can be integrated into SIEM via API. Coupled with weekly reports, data exports, e-mail alerts and data drill down built-in, Heimdal UTD offers a powerful and simple way to manage your environment.

Heimdal Enterprise UTD helps you do:

  • Next-Gen malware prevention, with HIPS (DarkLayer Guard)
  • Data leakage prevention and Forensics (DarkLayer Guard)
  • Quick response to hidden threats (TTPC)
  • Hidden threat detection, with HIDS for what an AV can’t see (VectorN)
  • Vulnerability management and compliance (X-ploit resilience)
  • Lifetime history storage for auditing and compliance