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HxGN OnCall Public Safety Portfolio

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure

Respond, Predict, and Prevent Faster with HxGN OnCall

Legacy technologies, budget and staffing pressures, a lack of technical resources, and resistance to change create challenges for public safety agencies seeking to achieve and maintain high levels of service. With more than 30 years as an innovator and leader in the public safety technology marketplace, Hexagon now offers a complete portfolio of next-generation public safety solutions with HxGN OnCall. HxGN OnCall is flexible, modular, and scalable – helping agencies keep up in today’s rapidly changing environment. 
Delivering a transformative user experience, the portfolio uniquely provides public safety agencies with a cohesive set of solutions designed to increase operational agility and quickly adapt to changing demands. With modernized capabilities spanning dispatch and call-taking, field operations, records, analytics, reporting, and major event management, HxGN OnCall is available on-premises or in the cloud and is the ideal solution for agencies of all sizes to build safer, more resilient communities. 
HxGN OnCall meets a wide range of public safety needs. With flexible access via browsers and mobile apps, the portfolio includes:
  • HxGN OnCall Dispatch – the latest evolution of Hexagon’s market-leading computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system
  • HxGN OnCall Records – a robust records management system for capturing, managing, and quickly accessing data
  • HxGN OnCall Analytics – a powerful visual reporting and analytics tool that extends agencywide access to insights for evidence-based analysis and decision-making
  • HxGN OnCall Planning & Response – a collaborative platform for managing the entire life cycle of major incidents and events, from initial assessment to post-event review
Together, these suites deliver the holistic insights and coordinated capabilities needed to advance the efficiency and effectiveness of public safety agencies worldwide. Connect your agency with technology, data, and insights to not just respond when incidents occur, but adjust, change, and eventually prevent them from happening again.