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Hyperfish helps bring your company directory to life by ensuring directory and profile information i

How does it work?

Hyperfish uses AI and Bot technology to automate the collection of profile information. The secure service supports on-premises, hybrid, and online environments.

  • Hyperfish monitors AD to identify what’s missing & incorrect
  • Employees are then notified by email or chat bot
  • Employees update their information via desktop or mobiles device

Why Hyperfish?

By implementing Hyperfish to you can:

  • Reduce manual work, as well as improve IT responsiveness and delivery
  • Enable people to quickly and easily learn about and find colleagues
  • Ensure quality and consistent directory information
  • Reduce the risk of sending information to the wrong person and filters out inappropriate profile information.
  • Unlock value and delivers new capability across Microsoft Office 365 including Org Chart, Delve and Dynamic group membership