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Banking Operation System

BOS is a core banking system and a middle and back-office digital solution for FinTech and challenger banks. BOS is characterized by multiple product independent software modules delivering mono-line product solutions in multi-brand organizations. BOS is based on a microservices architecture, is cloud-enabled and has an open API. Furthermore, its low-code framework and integrated tool-set allow to extend and adapt the application with little, or no programming. Granular services can be developed and orchestrated to achieve the desired business product. BOS platform demonstrates the implementation of traditional monolithic solutions into microservices, and displays a significant improvement in the areas of: continuous delivery and deployment of large, complex applications scalability testability deploying development BOS as financial system boasts a set of features that distinguish it from existing products on the market in the areas of:  Separating customers data in multi-brand organizations  Managing financial transactions based on both real and cryptocurrencies  Supporting payment channels (e.g cards, SEPA, SWIFT)  Implementing new products and services efficiently  Monitoring for custom-defined limits  Handling adapters for external payment systems  Providing a build-in General Ledger module  Managing data for mandatory and management reporting  Security of data bank services For more information, please visit our website: