Credit Union Analytics Accelerator

Information Builders

Powerful, Self-Service Analytics for Strategic Growth, Member Engagement, and Branch Operations

Do you understand the financial health of your credit union? Can you quickly identify opportunities to grow membership, loans and deposits, and act on those opportunities to deliver optimal and profitable member service?

With access to powerful, self-service enterprise analytics from Information Builders, credit unions can now generate integrated, actionable business information across all departments and branches – including Finance, Marketing, Lending, Retail, Commercial, and Operations. Starting with Information Builders’ Credit Union Accelerator templates, those insights can be deployed in days – not months. Sample reports, dashboard, visualizations, KPIs and metadata are provided with the CU Accelerator and fully customizable, giving you an instant boost on your analytics journey.

Suitable for all credit unions, regardless of asset size and IT staff, this preview illustrates the ease by which powerful dashboards, reports, charts and scorecards can be implemented and used. Information is accessible by all authorized users, removing barriers associated with siloed solutions.

The average Credit Union maintains between 50 and 70 different systems and databases – Information Builders enterprise analytics provide integrated access to all data.​ Invest your employees' time in analyzing information – not creating it.

Credit Union business decisions no longer have to be made in the dark, or based on historical or gut instincts. Your growth and success can now be driven by data and self-service analytics to: ​

1) Acquire and retain more members
2) Increase lending and credit volume
3) Improve marketing and cross-selling effectiveness
4) Automated board-level reporting
5) Customized offers and ‘next best conversation’ supported by a full 360-degree view of your members
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